Rapid IdP, powered by AAF
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Welcome to Rapid IdP Manager

Rapid Identity Provider (Rapid IdP) is the Australian Access Federation’s hosted service that provides a fast and easy way to connect to the AAF. Rapid IdP caters for organisations of all sizes and connects users to hundreds of national and international services. Focus on the work that matters to you and let AAF manage the rest.

By logging into Rapid IdP Manager you can:

  • Administer Organisations, Groups and Users; and
  • Provide access to colleagues to allow administrative access.

Rapid IdP is eduGAIN Ready

eduGAIN enables sharing of research tools and secure collaboration between researchers, educatorsand students around the world. Rapid IdP works with eduGAIN, allowing you to access research and education services from international federations. Find out more about eduGAIN at https://aaf.edu.au/edugain

Rapid IdP manager uses authentication and identity information from your AAF connected Identity Provider (IdP) to log you in to this service. Please contact the AAF support desk if you need assistance with this process.